Why Advertise?

The difference of the DTN connection

DTN Connects Advertisers to DMO Publishers and their highly targeted and coveted audience of leisure travelers.

Destination Travel Network is the only ad network that partners exclusively with convention and visitors bureaus and other destination marketing organizations, tailoring our services and expertise to the travel and tourism industry. We partner with DMOs large and small across the country, from Tampa Bay to Salt Lake City, offering custom advertising packages on their destination websites that blend display media with sponsored content, tiered and enhanced listings, and other marketing options. More DMOs, or “publishers” of destination websites, are being added to the DTN every week.

Every site in the Destination Travel Network is the "official" tourism site of the destination that it represents. This means that the content on each site is relevant, timely, and accurate because it is updated by local industry professionals every day, allowing DTN to help you deliver customized packages to a highly engaged audience.

DTN Connects Advertisers to Qualified Audiences.

Our advertisers:

  • Lodging and hotels

  • Transportation

  • Retail

  • Attractions

  • Restaurants

  • Microbreweries

  • Casinos

  • Segway tours

  • Property management companies

  • More

Our advertisers have the opportunity to purchase targeted online ad space on DMO websites to reach audiences already contemplating travel to their area, or even those in-market and ready to make a spending decision. Our advertising packages and programs are flexible and powerful, generating significant, zero-hassle revenue for DMOs while connecting businesses to the most highly qualified advertising targets: leisure and business travelers with above-average education, disposable income, a propensity to travel and interest in a specific destination.

Local advertisers can run an advertising campaign specifically for their local destination, while regional and national advertisers have the convenience of executing a single ad buy across multiple sites and then optimizing their campaigns to run exclusively on the sites that performed best for them. 

DTN Connects Advertisers to Vital Technology for Successful Strategies.

Our world-class campaign management technology allows our advertisers to target against any combination of geography, day-parting, bandwidth, operating system, browser type, and frequency to maximize results. In addition, secure, real-time reporting is available through our Reporting Portal, providing you with all of the statistics associated with your campaigns, including impressions served, clicks generated, and budget spent.

Further, your participation in the DTN marketing program helps your destination website generate the revenue needed to continue increasing visitor traffic and search engine rankings. This can result in additional exposure for your business.