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Reach the ready-to-buy

Online Advertising = global reach

Compared to print, outdoor or any other media, online advertising is more economical, efficient and measurable. Marketers surveyed by Forrester research report that compared to traditional channels, web marketing outperforms other media and has a reach potential that is now surpassing even television

Managed Online Advertising with DTN = global reach among those ready to buy in locations they’re already considering

Our DMO/publisher sites reach a qualified audience with disposable income, a high propensity to travel, and above-average education. Participating in the DTN marketing program will provide your business with global reach and access to those turning to DMO websites as the authority on a travel destination… and already planning travel to your area. 

Advertiser Testimonials

"We are so thrilled with the increase in traffic to the winery website and as a result growth in revenue since our involvement with the DTN.  The staff is very professional and incredibly easy to work with - every interaction has been a positive one.  We are very excited to continue working with the DTN and highly recommend this marketing avenue to any business.“

~Michelle Kokot, Marketing Manager, Treleaven by King Ferry Winery

"I’d strongly recommend that if you have a business that wants new customers, this kind of advertising [DTN] is an absolute must!

~Rob Holmes, Corporate Retail & Marketing Director, Queen Creek Olive Mill.