How it Works

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The Destination Travel Network, a division of Simpleview, provides expertly managed advertising services specifically for destination websites. We monetize DMO website content by creating and offering online ad space to local businesses and partners. We put the right ads in front of the right audiences, creating awareness for area businesses, turning site visitors into customers, and delivering revenue for your organization, all at no cost to you. DTN handles every aspect of ad program implementation and sales, then delivers 50% of the profit to you.

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The Basics

  1. DTN works with Destination Marketing Organizations (who we call “Publishers”) to determine and highlight local business partners (“Advertisers”) with a lot to offer. 
  2. We then work with those businesses to help you, the publisher, tell their story to destination website visitors through tasteful and relevant advertising content and placement. 
  3. We provide an on-demand reporting portal detailing ad performance and revenue metric reports for publishers and advertisers. 
  4. DTN collects payments from participating advertisers, then shares the revenue with your DMO for you to reinvest in your site, fund new staff, or use in any way you see fit.

The Details

A DMO’s website has a valuable, targeted and high-intent audience that local businesses want to get in front of with more exposure beyond an existing listing on the site. DTN helps visitors reach those tourism-related companies through tasteful, targeted advertising within the destination web space. Meanwhile, your organization retains complete control of who can advertise on the site and what placements will be offered.

DTN technology and advertising experts handle ad sales, asset gathering, implementation, and on-demand reporting. Well-versed in the travel and tourism industry, the DTN team knows how to communicate the value of the advertising program to partners, and understands the sensitivities of DMO/partner relationships. DTN offers the technology, support and tools for a DMO to have the most effective digital co-op advertising program possible, and DTN makes certain that all ad placements are targeted, relevant, tasteful and seamlessly blended into the site design and brand to ensure visitor interest and a high click-thru rate. 

= More relevant content for site visitors and increased conversion of site visitors to action-takers

= A new revenue and investment stream for DMOs

= Increased awareness/referrals and business for area tourism members/partners

= a win-win-win situation!