Why Publish?

Why not?

Let’s get to the gist of it: Why should you, a destination marketing organization, publish advertisers on your destination's website through DTN?

Implement a Budget Solution: Generate additional revenue at no cost to you and with no additional workload on your team. In 2016, DTN sent over $2 million to DMO clients!

Strengthen Partner Relationships: Create value for partners by expanding their reach to millions of potential visitors online. At the same time, DTN advertisers frequently report the DMO’s website becomes their #1 referring website due to the advertising opportunities.

Better Serve Travel Audiences/Website Visitors: Help travel planners navigate the local landscape—from where to dine to what to do and where to stay. Deliver the most relevant and timely information to them during travel planning (via your website) or while in-market (and searching for info on their mobiles).

Need more reasons?

It’s Free & Risk Free: We utilize a shared revenue system, benefiting you while compensating our advertising experts for their work and insights. There is no additional cost to you, the DMO, for DTN’s services. You approve every ad before it goes live, if you choose, and our DTN Reporting Portal helps you track overall ad performance and revenue. DTN does not work against your visitors guide/print advertising.

We do the Work: DTN manages sales, marketing, ad creation, placement, operations, reporting, billing, technology infrastructure, and support. No DMO staff resources or time are required beyond a few set-up meetings. 

Leverage our Expertise: We use a proven method of success. DMOs/Publishers gain an experienced sales team, an online media kit, relationship management with advertisers and more. On-demand reports and revenue checks demonstrate results.

Why Managed Online Advertising with DTN?

DTN: Stacks of cash pattern

On average, DTN sends successful markets $2,000 in advertising revenue each month.

More than 140 DMOs already work with DTN to help them manage and execute digital advertising programs on their destination's websites. 

Here's why:
Online Advertising = global reach
Managed Online Advertising with DTN = reach for your local businesses to your targeted website audience of leisure travelers and locals - those ready to buy

Impressive Budget Increases – DMOs that work with DTN have experienced revenue increases as large as 10% of their marketing  budget.

Consistent Revenue – On average, DTN sends each DMO $2,000 in advertising revenue each month.

Dedicated Staff – Each organization has a dedicated Account Executive to work with their destination’s members and partners.

Connected to Simpleview – As a division of Simpleview, DTN actively works with Simpleview’s developers, designers and digital specialists to provide optimized services for their clients, drawing upon hundreds of years of knowledge. At the same time, you don’t have to have Simpleview CMS to work with DTN.

Global Reach – Far beyond print advertising, digital advertising has become a reach medium capable of delivering audiences on par with TV and has the potential to reach a worldwide audience.