DTN Online Advertising Placements

Aesthetically pleasing, impressively effective

We don’t fill your site with distracting ads. We carefully blend in relevant, sponsored content from compatible businesses in a way that adds to the user’s travel planning experience, rather than detracting from it.

Featured Listings: Listing pages, like “Hotels”, are modified so that paying advertisers are the first seen at the top of the listing category pages and enjoy a superior design over a basic listing. 

Page Sponsorships: Page Sponsorships are dynamic, HTML-based image boxes with content, that appear on only one page. The goal of Page Sponsorships is to be highly visible in front of the precise audience the advertiser wishes to reach, for example, a restaurant or microbrewery sponsoring the “where to eat” or “where to drink” page.

Home Page Sponsorships: These are essentially a version of Page Sponsorships that appear on the Home Page. Advertisers place extra value on a home page appearance, as the homepage serves as the digital gateway to your destination. 

Sponsored Header Images: Headers are the largest image on a page found at the very top and typically contain a brief advertising tagline. The first image a website user sees when they view a page is the header images, so they are highly valued by advertisers. This image boasts a CTR typically above 2.0%. and is linked to the advertiser’s detail page or website.

Spotlight Text Links: These are text ads that appear on nearly every page of the website. They are excellent for special offers or discounts. The least expensive ad placements, they’re helpful for engaging members with limited budgets while still delivering a respectable return on investment.

Run of Site (ROS) Banners: ROS, template-based banners appear across a website and are good for branding and awareness. 

Mobile Banner: This is a template-based banner which sits permanently at the bottom of a cell phone screen as a mobile phone user searches/uses the mobile site; an ideal opportunity for businesses to reach in-market consumers.