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Destination Travel Network

Fully Managed

The DTN fully-managed ad program incorporates much more than sales. We know how important your relationships are with local partners and businesses, and we also know how busy you are. We manage every step of acquiring advertising from relevant tourism partners—from introducing DTN and announcing your online ad program to them, to sales calls and contracts, to maintaining a positive ongoing relationship that demonstrates their results and offers upsell opportunities. All you have to do is collect your revenue check, either monthly or quarterly, or bank it towards Simpleview services. 

Full Service:
  • Pricing, sales, marketing and product management to maximize revenue
  • Direct sales to your local businesses via phone calls, emails, and occasional in-market missions (optional)
  • Educational webinars showcasing the power of your DMO website to your stakeholders, what it's doing for them now, and what it can do for them if they engage in the additional optional paid sponsored content opportunities 
  • Media Kit creation and ongoing revisions
  • Advertiser and Publisher reporting 
  • Advertiser contract management; billing, collections, renewals, reporting
  • Ad Server management and Ad Operations, including ad sourcing, campaign management, ad server bandwidth, licensing, hosting, updates, maintenance and upgrades
  • Ad server initial set-up  
  • CMS/website/CRM/ad server integrations 
  • Ad creative services for Advertisers
  • Continuous targeted email marketing; campaign calendar; large-scale email marketing services related to the digital advertising program, with messaging well-timed and targeted by business category to promote relevant packages and opportunities specific to each type of business that may participate in the program
  • Advertising campaign migration from current Publisher websites to new Publisher websites as needed for new Publisher website builds and redesigns
  • Initial and ongoing website(s) revisions related to ad units – including development, programming, design, website front-end, back-end, CMS or ad server – to maximize ad unit and revenue performance 
  • Automated ad-buying if you license the Simpleview CRM Partner Extranet Marketplace 
  • Optional in-market sales activities/sales missions and onsite presentations to stakeholders about your DTN program.

DTN: We Handle Everything