Licensed & A La Carte 

If you already have a dedicated online advertising sales team, they can work with us to sell space on your DMO website and benefit from leveraging DTN's ad-serving platform, operations support, accounting/billing, and Reporting Portal. 

A La Carte:
  • A la carte ad platform licensing and support
  • Managed accounting and billing and Reporting Portal licensing
  • CMS integration
  • Campaign migration
  • Digital advertising sales training (online or onsite)
  • Monthly email marketing management: DTN will create and manage DMO email marketing messages related to the online ad program following our best practices of most successful messaging copy and timing strategy based on similar markets and advertiser audiences. DTN will create e-blasts, schedule, send and provide post-mailing activity report to DMO on a monthly basis.

Rates of individual online advertising components and packages are established before beginning a new DTN program, however, we establish rates based on a consideration of DMO website performance and how these prices may need to be adjusted based on local factors, including the prices that local businesses are paying for other digital opportunities such as on Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor; advice from the DMO; and other appropriate sources.