What makes food trucks an integral part of a destination’s dining experience?

Ahh, food trucks. How can a concept be so universally loved when every single example is so deliciously different? 

Well, that’s the secret sauce (pun intended). Food trucks offer dining options that traditional restaurants can’t. Beyond that, they’re not just selling food. They’re selling experiences, and that’s what gives them mass appeal.

Cross-cultural menus

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, food trucks are the quickest way to sample the region’s best flavors. Any cluster of food trucks is bound to offer a delicious cross-cultural menu, far more varied than what you’d be likely to find at a single restaurant. And with that food being cooked to order from fresh ingredients, we can’t think of a more appealing way to try some new tastes.



Food trucks are often anchored in brewpubs with outdoor patio dining, and we don’t know about you, but we think that’s a pretty ideal way to enjoy a meal. Choosing from a wide variety of food trucks, snagging a table for your group, and washing your meal down with craft beer while enjoying the fresh air — what’s better than that? Everyone’s going to enjoy their meal more when they get to order exactly what they like. If you find yourself in a ring of food trucks, chances are high that there’s something for everyone right there.



Adventure awaits

A sense of adventure accompanies a food truck meal. You don’t know exactly what it’s going to taste like, even though you know it’s going to be good. The only question is how good? One of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten came from a seafood food truck in San Diego. My best friend recommended it for lunch, and I agreed immediately. Fresh seafood on the coast cooked by a local who’s passionate about food? Um, yes, please. It was scrumptious. Hot off the grill, dripping with sauce and stuffed with perfectly grilled shrimp and fresh cabbage. My mouth is watering just remembering it. 

I’ve visited food trucks with my sisters and their families, and both were completely different but fantastic experiences. I explored a farmer’s market near Seattle last year with one sister and her family, and to my delight, there was an impressive roundup of food trucks ready for us. From Polish cuisine to fish and chips to Southern hand pies to tacos, we were spoiled for choice. The kids tried horchata with their lunch, while the adults sampled local cider and fresh-pressed juice, all accompanied by the relaxed atmosphere of a live band. 



Just last month, I tried a food truck here in Tucson with my other sister and her family, serving incredible Mexican food. A native of the Sonoran desert, I’ll never turn down a Sonoran hot dog (because why would I?), and my chicken taco was perfectly proportioned and super flavorful. I’d be hard-pressed to say whether I enjoyed these experiences most because of the amazing food or because it provided a chance to spend time with people I love. That’s the beauty of food trucks, giving people a chance to try something new while making the most of their time with others, feeding their souls along with their stomachs.


A different kind of fast food

That’s one of the best reasons to visit food trucks. It’s not just a meal — it’s an experience. No one remembers every single meal from a trip, but I’d wager that most people remember food trucks meals because they offer such a unique adventure. It’s rooted in the character of the destination, and there’s nothing else like it. The food is fast, sure. But it’s not fast food. Grab that fresh snack or meal and keep on truckin’.