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Author: Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen has worked in the travel and tourism industry since 2013, with most of that time spent honing her content expertise and tailoring solutions to individual clients. She holds a bachelor's degree in British literature, and master's degrees in Seventeenth Century British history and Conservation of Historic Objects. She's passionate about using language to effectively communicate and connect people. She's equally passionate about being an aunt to her nieces and nephews, traveling, all things British, and creating memories with her loved ones.

Love your locals

Locals play a huge role in your success. They know your destination just like you do, they're considered unbiased experts by visitors, and visitors definitely sit up and take notice when a local leaves an online review for your business or shares their experience on social media. Lean into those

Every business has something that makes it stand out, something that sets it apart from all the other businesses in the area. We like to think of it as a fingerprint, something that only you’ve got to offer your visitors. Because it’s unique to you, highlight and celebrate it to drive your business

We all want to be kind to the earth in our everyday lives, and our travel experiences are no exception. There are many ways to incorporate sustainable practices in your business and market them to appeal to a sustainability-minded visitor. Check out these practices to emphasize sustainable wellness

Many of us have bonded even more closely with our pets during the pandemic, and quite a few have even welcomed a new pet into our homes. Now that we’re traveling again, we want to take Fido and Fluffy along with us. But traveling with pets requires a different kind of planning to ensure that