2020 — the year that put the hard brakes on our travel plans and gave us time to daydream about everything we’d rather be doing than staying home. As we start to put it behind us, there’s a long list of things we promised ourselves we’d do after the pandemic — our post-pandemic bucket lists!! 

Knowing that visitors are looking to the web for inspiration about what to do, where to eat, and where to stay in your destination’s market, this is your opportunity to align your business with the bucket list needs of our post-pandemic visitors.

Whether your business offers spectacular views, scrumptious meals celebrating local flavors, or you-can-only-do-that-here experiences, decide how the unique characteristics you offer visitors can tie in with the reasons people are traveling right now. It doesn't matter if it's small — every business has something to offer visitors that will make them feel like they’ve done something truly special, giving them a lasting sense of happiness. 
How can businesses position themselves as a solution for post-pandemic bucket-listers?

Adventure and Excitement

A year-and-a-half at home is driving visitors towards adventure! Using active words and images in your content to highlight an adventurous experience will hook anyone seeking an adrenaline high. Beyond that, think about how your business aligns with adventure and the traveler seeking to check something exciting off their post-pandemic bucket list.

  • Kickstart or participate in fun treasure hunting games within your business community, showcasing something new around every corner.
  • Create a fun countdown or top 10 list on social media, showing off different adventures that visitors may not have experienced before. 
  • Shops can highlight the thrill of finding a one-of-a-kind item, unique to your business, appealing to a shopper who can’t wait to pick up something they can’t find anywhere else.

Foodie Fanatics 

DTN- Foodie Fanatics - Blog Aug 2021

Visitors love sampling new flavors on their travels, especially those that highlight the cuisine of the region. If your menu includes well-known regional cuisine, locally-sourced ingredients, or anything that only you serve, shout it from the rooftops! Make those dishes stand out to attract the attention of foodies who are planning trips around brand new flavors and dining experiences.

  • Highlight regional flavors and specialties, especially food trucks and pop-ups. Sometimes the most memorable food experiences come from unexpected locations.
  • Flaunt dishes that are regionally unique. Ever heard of poutine? It’s a Canadian dish featuring french fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy — a local favorite that’s likely a new adventure for American visitors.
  • Let visitors know where they’re able to try a familiar dish with a twist they won’t expect. In tropical Latin American destinations, tamales are wrapped in banana leaves instead of corn husks; an adventurous traveler would love sampling a different version of a beloved dish.
  • Consider partnering with other local businesses to market yourselves together, offering a smorgasbord of local flavors appealing to foodies ready for something new. Poutine pairing with local brews, anybody?
  • Talk about how you use only-found-here ingredients to create special dishes that can only be experienced in your area to pique interest in travelers who want the bragging rights of trying food right from the source. 


DTN Romance and Family time - August 2021

The pandemic changed everyone’s routine and added a lot to our already-full plates. Now, couples crave special experiences that will bring them some much-needed quality time to enjoy each other’s company. Mention aspects of your business that would appeal to people seeking a romantic escape, paired with images of couples enjoying their time at your business.

  • Offer a special package designed for couples to maximize time for romance. Anyone who’s ready to finally travel with their partner and focus on each other will appreciate your extra thought.
  • Create a romantic menu for two, full of local flavors (and wine). Meals like this are unforgettable and play a big part in any long-awaited romantic getaway.
  • Let couples know how you’ll pamper them during their visit, from luxurious linens to plenty of privacy, perfect for a romantic getaway. For anyone who can’t wait to spend quality time with their beloved, this sets the mood.

Family Time

DTN- Family Time -Blog - Aug 2021

Families in search of new destinations to explore want to know that their kids will love every moment, and that the family will make fond memories together. Tap into your inner child and promote accordingly.

  • Kids love open-ended experiences. Highlight wide open spaces to explore at their own pace to let their imaginations run wild.
  • If your business was created with kids in mind, play that up! Show how your younger visitors are a top priority. Whether it’s child-sized bicycles or other equipment, or special pricing for kids, experiences that are meant for families help create bonds and leave them wanting to travel again.
  • Highlight your practical side to appeal to parents. We all appreciate a business that makes it easier to travel with kids in tow. If you have an especially friendly staff or activities to keep kids busy, make it known. Anything that makes a family trip smoother is welcome news to the adults who are planning.


DTN- Solitude- Blog _ Aug 2021

Craving some quality alone time? Solo travelers are starting to plan their own trips that allow them to revel in solitude and do whatever is on their bucket list, leaving them feeling refreshed. Consider what a solo traveler wants to do on vacation to achieve a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, or wellness, and build from that.

  • If you have spectacular views, a solo traveler might want to hone their photography skills in your area, so mention the best spots to spend a relaxed afternoon behind the lens.
  • If you offer quiet spaces, mention that your business is the perfect place to catch up on a reading list, craft project, or meditation.
  • Solo travelers choose their own itinerary and schedule, calling all the shots. If you can accommodate a visitor in a spur-of-the-moment way, that would appeal to anyone looking for total flexibility.

We’re all eager to enjoy the world again. Engage with post-pandemic bucket-list visitors by thinking about their travel motivation. They’re seeking long-anticipated experiences that allow them to give themselves a treat, spend quality time with loved ones, take a much-deserved break, or have an experience that is truly memorable. Frame the experiences at your business around those motivations to provide solutions to those wishes, and help them choose your business as the perfect place to start making special memories again.
The ability to actually have these experiences provides bucket-list travelers with a strong sense of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction. Choosing travel plans and activities is a huge step toward normalcy and contributes to our overall sense of wellness.